Best Cybersports Bookies Tue Jul 2024

E-sports disciplines are rapidly developing in the last decade, so all leading bookmakers accept bets on video games tournaments. Like a totalizer at ordinary athletic competitions, they allow you to spend time with excitement and win money. The best bookmakers of India are represented here, hosting Dota 2, CS: GO, League of Legends, Starcraft 2, Wot, Valorant and other e-sports disciplines.

Pin Up Bet

Pin Up Bet

Pin Up Bet is a relatively young company, which competes strongly in terms of probabilities and sports eyelashes. We have performed a detailed analysis to see what specifically offers this site.

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We at had a very positive experience on the site. As we said, he needs some adjustments especially in the translation, but it is not something that will disrupt his bets. In addition, the service is fast and you easily find all available betting options.

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1xbet India that he is one of the best bets of today. We highlight some positive and negative points at first, and they are really present in practice.

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Who will be interested in e-sports rates?

Every year, the popularity of e-sports is growing rapidly, which, of course, affected the development of such a business as e-sports bets. The number of bookmakers with which you can enclose a bet on e-sports games is becoming more and more. As a result, a beginner does not always manage to choose the right and reliable bookmaker, with whom you will not worry about your own funds.

The most famous and proven bookmakers that take online bets for more than a year and having very wide functionality for the E-Games niches have been in our rating of cyberbucchers. The above BCs annoy betting both money and skins, monitor the course of all large e-sports games online, offer a wide variety of coefficients for a large number of matches and try to regularly increase their levels of their services.

Exchange forecasts with other players on special resources, read our reviews of bookmakers, follow the latest news and results in e-sports, and then you will have more chances to win.

Betting Betes: Basic disciplines

The BC has a choice of bets on dozens of e-sports disciplines. The most popular of them are those who are held by tournaments with the largest (reaching millions of dollars) prizes.

Dota 2

The Dota 2 game is a multiplayer RPG, which is the most popular discipline. Two teams are fighting with each other, consisting of 5 people, trying to destroy the enemy fortress. Dota 2 rates are accepted even by many BCs that do not cover Esport widely. Therefore, the line of events and painting on Dota 2 are always wide, they cover many tournaments, both world and local. Dota 2 rates are usually available both on the main (winner, handicap) and secondary (total, cards) indicators.


Counter Strike: Global Offensive (KS GO) is a first -person command shooter in which groups of terrorists and special forces are opposed to each other. To win in the match, you need to win 16 rounds by destroying the rivals by installing a bomb (for terrorists) or cleansing it (for special forces). Bet on the CS GO also accept almost all BCs. You can put on the winner of the match, total, the results of cards, rounds, individual achievements.

League of Legends

League of Legends (League of Legends) is an RPG with elements of strategy similar to Dota. 2 teams of 5 people participate in the match, striving to destroy the enemy stronghold with their heroes. As in the case of DOTA, on League of Legends bets are taken by most of the un -specialized BCs.

World of Tanks

World of Tanks (here) - RPG and shooter in one person in which players fight on various armored vehicles of the 20th century. Two teams fight in the match, the number of participants in which is determined by the rules of the tournament (from 3 people). They must destroy all enemy tanks for victory, seize the base or fulfill other conditions. Thots on World of Tanks are available for competitions of competitions, winners in matches, and total.

Other games

Among other disciplines available for BC bets are Overwatch, Starcraft 2, Valorant, Fifa, Overwatch, Mortal Kombat, Fortnite and other games. Common -portable BCs are usually limited only to the most popular disciplines, allowing you to make rates of KS GO, Dota 2 or LOL. Specialized offices focused on video games competitions cover much more games and tournaments on them.

Online bets: Best Bookmakers

Many BCs, both specialized and covering all sports, allow you to bet on e-sports on the Internet. The best in the first group includes such international BCs as 1xbet. In the second category, BCs like GGBET and e-sports exchanges of bets can be attributed to market leaders. The latter allow you to pay not only ordinary money, but also skins or other valuable game items. Find where it is better to make Dota 2 or CS: GO, our current rating will help.


The betting line and painting of e-sports events in bookmakers are similar to traditional sports. BC accept all the main types of bets on them:

  • 1x2 rates for the victory of one of the teams or a draw in the match;
  • on the head start;
  • on the result of a separate round or card;
  • on total on cards, fragments or other achievements;
  • individual total players;
  • for the number of rounds or cards in the match;
  • On separate events in the game.

The line of the best BCs taking rates on e-sports covers both leading world competitions (such as The International in Dota 2) and less local tournaments. At the same time, the painting of matches in them is often favorably different from ordinary sports. If in football or basketball an expanded set of outcomes is available only in top -end matches, then in e-sports even small competitions can please a good choice of secondary options.

Live-tops for e-sports

Bots in live mode, with viewing direct broadcasts of games, in e-sports are most often available for CS: GO and Dota 2. Streams according to lol, here or overtub pass less often, but you can also put money on them live. If you just want to delve deeper into the essence of e-sports, you can find random battles with broadcasts in the line.

Live rates allow you to set along the match, starting from what they saw on the screen. Such rates can have smaller coefficients, since intrigue often fades along the competition. But they differ in a more predictable outcome and allow you to watch the exciting battle and win.

Bookmaker margin at e-sports rates

Accepting the rates of the KS GO or League of Legends, bookmakers set a higher margin on games, since electronic sports are still less popular than football or boxing. A small commission may affect the largest tournaments, about 1-5 %, but sometimes the revenue of the bookmaker can reach 10 %.


How to bet on e-sports games?

Paris on e-sports consists in the same way as bets on any other disciplines.

Is it possible to make expresses for e-sports?

on Dota 2, World of Tanks, Lol or KS GO bets are available in the same forms as for ordinary sport. That is, you can do ordinals and expresses.

Where is it better to put on e-sports tournaments?

Compare BC from the rating, look for where the line, painting and coefficients in your profile discipline is better. If in one place it is more profitable to put on the dot, and in the other - on the counter, then you can play in two BC in parallel.