Best CS GO Bookies 2023

sports disciplines are rapidly developing in the last decade, so all leading bookmakers accept bets on video games tournaments. Like a totalizer at ordinary athletic competitions, they allow you to spend time with excitement and win money. The best bookmakers of India are represented here, hosting Dota 2, CS: GO, League of Legends, Starcraft 2, Wot, Valorant and other e-sports disciplines.

Pin Up Bet

Pin Up Bet

Pin Up Bet is a relatively young company, which competes strongly in terms of probabilities and sports eyelashes. We have performed a detailed analysis to see what specifically offers this site.

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We at had a very positive experience on the site. As we said, he needs some adjustments especially in the translation, but it is not something that will disrupt his bets. In addition, the service is fast and you easily find all available betting options.

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1xbet India that he is one of the best bets of today. We highlight some positive and negative points at first, and they are really present in practice.

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Each team has 30 players, and they face each other for victory. A total of 102 rounds are played, and each round takes between 105 and 16 seconds to end. The team that wins the match is the one that wins 30 of the Xnumx rounds.

The game always provides time for the player to buy his weaponry using the money earned during the competition. Keep in mind whenever, the more slaughter and assists the player has, the better the rewards will be. The basic premise of the game is simply to eliminate the enemy team. On the other hand, it is also possible to win the round when planting a bomb, and defend it for 45 to 35 seconds. If you are looking for the best sites to bet on CS: GO matches, you will find the best list here at CSGOBETS.

Types of bets on CS: GO

At the moment, there are several popular ways to bet on CS: GO, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. Depending on preference and personal abilities, virtually every player has the opportunity to choose the way it suits him best.

The most important area related to CS: GO bets is the forecast of eSports events. Many specialized websites and services fully replicate the functionality of betting on a traditional sport, offering live bets, and the possibility of collecting express odds. Many services, one way or another, combine the three ways to bet here mentioned here. It is common, however, that each one specializes more in a specific form.

Betting with skins has become an extremely popular way to bet. As you probably already know, CS: GO items have genuine value in the internal market of the Steam platform. Sometimes the cost of skins can reach tens of thousands of dollars per unit. The longer a player spends in CS: GO, the greater the chances of him receiving rare, and high value skins. Over time, almost everyone thinks of the possibility of gaining real profit from their inventory of the game that is always constantly growing. Here, several sites come to rescue by explicitly specializing in betting with their skins.

Betting with skins has several advantages:

  • A cash deposit is not required to start betting. Most specialized services offer the use of Steam inventory items as a deposit.
  • Skin bets allow you to bet on all different CS: GO bet, from eSports results to the opening of boxes, and bet on online casinos.
  • Betting with skins is totally cool in most countries, with few rare exceptions (United Kingdom, the Netherlands and Denmark).


The act of opening boxes is both to add a rare skin to your collection and to increase the value of your collection in the game. Specialized services like offer many different models of boxes to choose from. It is possible to open promotional boxes, boxes with the greatest chance of receiving skins for weapons from a specific class, and even customized boxes with personal settings for a potential prize. In addition, most such services offer improvements and contracts - the possibility of converting their skins into others, having the chance to receive something much more valuable in the process.

How to bet on CSGO?

There are three most common options that can be used to bet on CS: GO. The first is similar to any other sport, and consists of predicting the result of any single match on its betting platform. The team chosen can win, lose or equalize the match. The odds a team has reflect the possibility of winning or losing the match. The greater the odds, the greater the chances of this team losing, and vice versa.

The second option is to bet on the side that will win a particular map. Here you will choose the team that wins on each map, and the general winner of all maps. Unlike the first option, when betting on maps the odds do not necessarily reflect the possibility of the team to win the full match. The reason for this is that the maps vary, and there may be teams that are stronger in a particular map than others.

The last option is to choose the winner with handicap. The availability of this bet varies from platform to platform. In this option, the weaker team receives a number of rounds or maps beforehand. Thus, the strongest team that is most likely to win will have to overcome handicap by winning the match so that the bet is successful.

How to choose the best site to bet on CS: GO

In the process of choosing the best and most appropriate site to bet on CS: GO, it is mandatory to pay attention to some key features.

Promotions, promotional codes and sweepstakes

The importance of a good start should never be underestimated. Some services, unlike competition, offer an advanced beginner support program, including numerous and significant advantages and bonuses. The initial bonus is the simplest and most effective way to multiply your first deposit, get extra credit in your account, and increase the number of possible bets unsuccessfully. If you want to join the initial bonus, on any platform, it is highly recommended to use a promotional code of an affiliate, deeply simplifying your initial experience with betting sites in CS: GO Cheap.

Additionally, many services also offer special promotions and occasional draws. The chance to win in one of these is not very high, but participation is almost always completely free. It is not necessary to ignore this opportunity to receive an advantage! Read guides and analyzes of CS: GO bet - Choose wisely.


An important factor is the speed of generation and receiving withdrawals. Although there is almost no problem with the speed of platforms when depositing money, unexpected problems can start when withdrawing their profits. Recently, the number of unscrupulous services on the market has decreased significantly. Nevertheless, with luck, some of them may still appear in their way.

Deposit methods

Carefully study the deposit methods offered by the service. It is common for several different options to be offered, reaching direct Steam inventory skins transactions and cryptocurrencies, but not all platforms offer such a vast range. Carefully analyze all proposed deposit and withdrawal methods - make sure the chosen platform offers the method that suits you best.

Bet modes offered

Are you interested in betting on the result of eSports championships? Or do you prefer a complete casino with roulettes? Maybe open boxes and improve skins? Pay attention to which modes each specific service offers, and which one attracts you the most.

Probably Fair System

The Probably Fair system is exactly what a player needs to immediately identify a truly honest and reliable platform. This system is used to calculate the results of a random generator, and helps to make sure that the betting site uses real randomness, rather than a disguised system that allows developers to distort the results. Probbly Fair allows the player to check and analyze each result independently - if the player misses, will be only for bad luck.

Client support

When it comes to betting on CS: GO, it is crucial that there is a robust technical support in the betting site infrastructure. Some services offer consumer service in the form of a ticket offline system - this is not a disadvantage by itself. However, the most successful implementation of a consumer service is the presence of a live online chat with an employee. With the help of this system, the player can receive help and advice as quickly and efficiently as possible, either in relation to the operation of the service or directly to the bets made in CS: GO.

Mobile application and design

An ergonomic and modern design is a great addition to the elements mentioned above. The user must be comfortable on the site, and to be convenient to navigate, being intuitively easy to understand what is and where each element is located. A bonus to consider is the availability of a complete mobile application, or at least one functional mobile version of the site. This is one of the factors that distinguishes the truly solid and reliable bets.

Wide variety of eSports events

To bet on eSports, it is necessary to study carefully which championships are offered by the platform. The website chosen to bet on CS: GO should cover all the most important tournaments, in addition to relevant local events. In addition, the availability of live betting and the high speed of interface and account update are important factors.

Legitimidade do Site

O último, porém não menos importante, fator determinante, é determinar a legalidade do site. Antes de iniciar qualquer cadastro ou realizar transações financeiras, o usuário deve se perguntar uma pergunta muito simples - este site é legítimo ou não é? Pode ser difícil determinar a legalidade de um site de apostas em CS:GO - golpistas podem estar escondidos entre as dezenas de opções legítimas de plataformas. A primeira e mais importante regra é a de que apostas em CS:GO são legais em todos os países do mundo, exceto Reino Unido, Dinamarca e Holanda. A segunda é que o apostador deve ser maior de idade para participar oficialmente. A terceira, é lembrar-se sempre de que nenhum destes sites é um parceiro oficial da Valve, e operam exclusivamente através de links externos. A fim de proteger a conta e inventário da Steam, é recomendado que o usuário ative a autenticação em duas etapas utilizando o Steam Guard antes de cadastrar-se em qualquer plataforma.

New CSGO betting sites

There are several legal, reliable and verified sites that meet all the primary criteria listed in the article. Below are some of them - those to which everyone should at least pay attention.

Keep in mind when betting

Like any other form of bet or casino, the main thing to remember is that it is impossible to win all the time. Even teams of professional analysts are unable to consider all possible factors and predict the result of all events that happen.

A true professional always reveals itself over time - if you are good at eSports bets, then you will surely win in the long run. The big secret is always to stay calm and remember that losing leads to frustration and anger.

Anger invariably generates spontaneous decisions and leads to errors. If you know when you stop, take a break and take a deep breath, then your chances of success will increase significantly. If you learn to avoid the tilt, and depend only on balanced and competent predictions, the world of CS: GO bets can reveal to you a range of amazing experiences and an additional additional source of income.