The best sites for betting on Dota 2 in 2023

Obviously, there are many sports bookmakers that offer bets on Dota 2. With such diversity, it is quite difficult to choose the one that guarantees an excellent user experience and the best betting options. But you don't have to worry because we offer you a list of the best reliable bookmakers that you can find on the Internet. Check out the list of sites for betting on Dota2, which we have prepared.

Pin Up Bet

Pin Up Bet

Pin Up Bet is a relatively young company, which competes strongly in terms of probabilities and sports eyelashes. We have performed a detailed analysis to see what specifically offers this site.

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We at had a very positive experience on the site. As we said, he needs some adjustments especially in the translation, but it is not something that will disrupt his bets. In addition, the service is fast and you easily find all available betting options.

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1xbet India that he is one of the best bets of today. We highlight some positive and negative points at first, and they are really present in practice.

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And there are rarely favorites at the tournament. More precisely, they are, but these are ten teams at once. Therefore, bets on the League of Legends should be conscious. If you started with football or other sport, then know that eSports betting is even more difficult. There are rarely favorites here, but the coefficients are also very attractive. This article is a review of bets on this game, a kind of guide for beginners in the League of Legends world.

How to bet on LoL

Many beginners do not know how to bet on LOL in India and other countries. It's very simple - you need to choose a high-quality bookmaker, which offers not only the possibility of such bets, but also analyzes, as well as broadcasts, full support of the eSports department. In fact, there are very, very few of them. Most sites do not offer high-quality support and viewing game tournaments, they only make it possible to put your money.

But that shouldn't be a problem for you either. All LoL tournaments are broadcast on YouTube or Twitter, so no need to be upset. Connect the broadcast and watch, simultaneously placing LOL bets at the bookmaker's office. It is also worth reviewing all forecasts from experienced betters. The main bets that you can bet at any bookmaker always relate to the following results:

  1. The winner of a certain championship. It should be understood that there are a lot of such "champs", each country has its own, as well as many different international competitions.
  2. Bets on League of Legends on any of the winners. Sometimes some players do not win the championship, but receive a prize and incentive prizes. If you bet on such a gamer, you earn.
  3. Bet on an MVP player. Who is it? Often this is the most productive player who scored the most points in a single match or championship. Murders or as they say "phrags", that's what's most valuable about LOL.
  4. You can bet on the most productive round and, accordingly, the coolest player in this time period. Sometimes there are several tournaments during the entire championship, in which you can bet on different teams and rounds.
  5. Handicaps and totals, as in real football, some bookmakers allow you to bet on LOL and in this format.

Types of rates/outputs

Bets on the game LoL can be diverse and many beginners simply do not know what to do. They don't see familiar designations if they first got into the world of eSports betting. In this case, it is worth learning the basics. The bet on the final result of an individual match is the most common in this game. Just select the player or team that wins at the end of the match. Just like in real sports.

You can also bet not only on winning a separate game, but in a round. There can be a maximum of three of them. If a team wins once, it needs to do it and the second one to completely defeat the opponent. If she didn't do it, then the score becomes 1:1 and the battle continues. The third game will be final and final. You can bet not only on the results of the match, but also on a single round.

This rate is the most common and easy to understand. If you understand the game, you should pay attention to more "complex" options. To win them, you need to know the features of the game itself. For example, in LOL there are 2 teams of 5 players on the map. The destruction of the throne leads to the victory of one of them. As a result, you can bet your money on a large number of options:

  1. Try to guess the time of a certain round or the whole match. How long will the team be able to come to victory?
  2. Guess the first murder in the match and earn a large sum. If you try to focus your attention on the player, the coefficient will really be very high. Also, the first murder can be attributed to one of the teams as a whole. Here the reward is not so great, but it is also much easier to guess.
  3. Try to guess how many murders a team or a certain player will have - even or odd. There is a similar betting system in football and other sports.
  4. Towers are special points for the destruction of which glasses and various achievements are given. Try to guess which command to destroy more of these buildings. She doesn't have to become a winner in the end, it's worth understanding.
  5. If you want to win a really large sum, it is worth guessing the future champion of the world and international Lol championship. Let's warn you right away that it's very difficult to do it. There are really a lot of teams and there is no specific favorite, everyone has a chance.

It is worth clarifying about the coefficients within the game. They can be both American and decimal. Often domestic bookmakers use the second option. For example, team A (1.5) plays against team B (2.3). You bet a hundred rupees on one of the teams. How much will you get in the end?

If you win Team A, your winnings will be ₹150, ₹50. The second team will bring more, as much as ₹230 and ₹80. Of course, there are sky-high coefficients, but do not be deceived. If bookmakers have set such a chance of victory, then it is almost impossible. Only a full analysis of the tournament will allow you to make the right decisions in favor of an od from the teams and win.

Types of tournaments

So, you decided to put your money on eSports for the first time and chose your favorite LOL. What championships are worth watching and participating in? This is one of the multiplayer games that gathers tens of millions of players in front of the screens throughout the year. There are no identical characters in the game, they are all special. This creates conditions for the creation of millions of different tactics that can bring victory to a particular team.

The main tournament of the game has always been and is considered the Season World Championship. The event exists in the format of long confrontations, which lasts a whole year. The champion is determined at the end of the calendar year and the next season begins. Within one such segment, there may be a large number of smaller tournaments, which can also be bet on.

Some of them are not worth much attention, as they are not played by top line-ups. But OnGameNet TheChampions is just the opposite. A great tournament that is worth not only looking at, but also betting LoL. Also pay attention to WGC, where the winner wins a million rupees. By the way, the prize fund for the best team of the whole season can reach up to several million rupees.

Betting strategies for the game

To win eSports bets, you need to know at least a little about the world of a particular game. It is desirable that you have experience playing the League of Legends. Then creating a strategy will be easier and more understandable. It is also worth remembering the main rule - it is team play. More than one player wins here. Many often bet on the team because of the top participant, but he can't "pull" the entire line-up on himself, and he doesn't match the level.

It is desirable to know the difference between the main varieties of game characters, their skills and so on. This way you will be able to analyze, develop and improve your strategy. Often teams always play according to certain tactics, choose the best heroes for themselves. Having studied the tactics of one team, you will be able to understand for sure whether it has a chance of winning the prizes of the tournament.

It is also worth remembering that a very important component of LoL is the competent movements of players of the whole team. There should be synergy and mutual understanding between them, this is a direct way to win the tournament.