The best sites for betting on Dota 2 in 2024

Obviously, there are many sports bookmakers that offer bets on Dota 2. With such diversity, it is quite difficult to choose the one that guarantees an excellent user experience and the best betting options. But you don't have to worry because we offer you a list of the best reliable bookmakers that you can find on the Internet. Check out the list of sites for betting on Dota2, which we have prepared.

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In this article you will find more information about gambling sites offering betting on Dota 2.

What to pay attention to on the websites of bookmakers

When choosing the best sites for betting on Dota 2, certain criteria are very important. First of all, check whether the site is licensed by one of the official international regulatory commissions. Find out what banking options Dota 2 bookmaker offers for account replenishment and withdrawals. It is also highly desirable to check the range of betting markets that the bookmaker covers. Read more about each of the listed criteria below.

Bonuses and promotions

The first thing you will face when registering on the bookmaker's website is a welcome bonus, which is a pleasant surprise waiting for every new bettor. As a rule, you will be provided with free funds or free bets that you can spend on wagering in Dota 2. There are other types of bonuses and advertising campaigns launched by the best Dota2 betting sites, which are aimed at encouraging new players and rewarding regular bettors. For example, a bonus for a deposit match that corresponds to or multiplies the deposit made. Other examples of bonuses include no deposit bonus, mobile bonus, VIP promotions, bonus offer for friends, etc.

Market depth

It is always important to check what types of betting markets the bookmaker offers. Dota 2 is a well-designed game that opens up many opportunities to create the depth of the market that real avid players deserve. Betting markets such as match results, handicaps, match and tournament winners and many others must be covered by all sports books so that players with different levels of skill can find a suitable bet.


Another important factor to consider when choosing a site for betting on Dota 2 is, of course, the odds for various Dota 2 events. Coefficients show the probability that the event will lead to a certain outcome. The lower the coefficient, the higher the probability of outcome, but the higher the coefficient, the greater the profit. Therefore, it will not be superfluous to compare the odds offered by various Dota 2 betting sites and choose a bookmaker with the most favorable odds.

Banking system

Before registering on the bookmaker's website, do not forget to check if he uses the payment method that you usually use to transfer money. Depositing and withdrawing money using bank cards is the most popular method. One of the safest options is e-wallets (PayPal, Neteller, Skrill, etc.), since there is no need to provide personal payment data on the websites of Dota 2 bookmakers. Bank transfers are less common, as not all banks accept payments from and on bookmakers' websites.


It is also important to pay attention to whether the site is licensed for Dota 2 betting. Make sure that you only bet on a site that is regulated by one or more official regulators, such as the Malta Gambling Authority, the UK Gambling Commission, etc. The license is a guarantee of the legality of all your winnings on the bookmaker's website. You can check the availability of the license by going to the "About Us" section.

Learn how to bet on Dota 2

There's nothing easier than starting betting on Dota 2. Choose one of the best Dota 2 betting sites presented above, conduct a preliminary study and find competitions you can bet on. Follow all the instructions below and get closer to becoming a professional in betting on Dota 2.

Conduct a study

If you really want to succeed in betting on Dota 2, a must be a study before placing a bet. This includes tracking the statistics of teams and players participating in the tournament, as well as tracking news related to Dota 2 betting. Another point to pay attention to when studying game information is the latest updates and changes made to the gameplay.

Search for tournaments for betting

Dota 2, as one of the most famous and popular games, holds exciting tournaments with huge prize pools throughout the year. This opens up fantastic opportunities for bettors and increase their bankrolls. There are competitions in which a large number of professional teams participate and attract hundreds of thousands of spectators. The International is the largest and most important Dota 2 major championship. The strongest 18 teams fight for the honor of calling themselves the best Dota 2 players in the world and for the largest crowdfunding prize pool in the eSports industry. ONE Esports Major, Dream League are a few more examples of organizers who hold various tournaments available for betting on the best Dota 2 betting sites. Refer to the table below if you are interested in betting on current matches.

Register on the relevant website

The next important thing you need to do is to choose a bookmaker and register on his website. Whatever your choice of bookmaker, you can be sure that if you choose one of the Dota 2 betting sites presented in our article, you will get a wonderful experience of betting on Dota 2. Create a new account, verify it, make your first deposit - and you are ready to bet on Dota 2.

Stay an analyst

One of the most important points in the exciting betting process on the Dota2 bookmaker's website is the analytical approach. Always remember your budget constraints and do not go beyond them. Start by placing a few small bets to gain more experience and learn faster. Refer to pre-calculated tips and predictions on Dota 2 made by other experienced bettors and use them for betting.

Don't give up after the first loss

Trying any new type of activity, it is impossible to avoid mistakes. This statement also applies to betting on Dota 2. The most important thing is not to give up and remain positive, no matter what. Even if you haven't won yet, don't take it too seriously. You are still learning and gaining experience. Over time, you will improve your skills and become a real professional.

Types of bets on Dota 2

The best Dota 2 betting sites use exciting gameplay games and a large selection of heroes to open up unlimited betting opportunities. You can start with a simple bet, for example, guessing the overall outcome of the match. Then you will place more complex bets that require more understanding and in-depth analysis of the teams. Let's look at some types of bets below.

Match winner The winner of the match is a fairly simple bet in which the bettor needs to guess the outcome of the whole match. Good knowledge of the teams is necessary in order to increase the chances of predicting the team that will win the match. Betting on the match winner is ideal for those who have never made a single bet before.
Total number of murders Another type of bet you can make is a bet on the total number of kills. During the match, each team manages to commit a certain number of murders. Before the match starts, the bookmaker sets the number of murders to be committed. Bettor needs to place a bet and guess whether the total number of murders will be less or greater than the specified number.
The murder of Roshan This bet is only available for Dota 2 bets. Your task is to determine which team will be the first to destroy Roshan on the map. Roshan is a neutral character in the game that is not controlled by any player. As a rule, the extermination of this strongest creep takes place in the middle of the game and involves a huge competition between the two teams.
Murder of couriers The best Dota2 betting sites make courier murders available to their bettors. A courier is a unit that is used to deliver various valuable items from stores to players on the battlefield. If he is killed by an enemy team, he is reborn after a while. This bet is usually chosen by professional players.
First blood Another special type of bet involves betting on the team, which will shed the first blood in the game. Sometimes it is possible to bet on a player who will shed the first blood. These types of bets are extremely popular in the final stages of major Dota 2 tournaments. They are focused on experienced bettors and attract them due to high coefficients.

The best markets for betting

Betting on Dota 2 online is an exciting and interesting activity thanks to a wide selection of betting markets that you can find on the best Dota 2 betting sites. Options suitable for beginners include bets on the result of the match and bets on the finalist of the tournament. More experienced bettors can take risks and try themselves in more complex bets, such as handicap.

Result of the match This betting market is a basic bet on Dota 2, available on any eSports betting site. Matches are held in Bo1, Bo3 or Bo5 formats, that is, your task is to predict the winner of the series of matches. If you are a novice bettor and are not sure that you can make an accurate prediction, you can always use betting predictions or check the odds to find out which team is considered stronger and has a better chance of winning.
The result of the match with the handicap on the map This type of betting on the result of the match is a little more complicated, but at the same time interesting for forecasting. In the event that one team is weaker than another, Dota 2 betting sites provide an advantage to outsiders. The advantage is given in the form of additional points, which are added to the outsider's score at the end of the match.
Winner of the tournament Betting on the winner of the tournament allows you to bet money on a team that you think will become the winner of the Dota 2 tournament. You can bet on an event before it starts or bet in real time. If you have your favorites, this is a great chance to support them. If not, bet on the team that you think is most likely to win the main prize.
Finalist of the tournament If you are not sure about the victory of a particular team, but are sure that it will reach the final, then your choice is the betting market for the finalist of the tournament. You will celebrate the victory until the result of the grand final of the match if your bet is successful.

Why players like Dota2

There are many reasons why players like to play Dota 2. First, there is a large selection of the best reliable betting sites that specialize in betting on this game. Secondly, the game attracts bettors due to high odds, which makes Dota 2 gambling a very profitable hobby. Moreover, large international tournaments with huge prize pools make the game very interesting, encouraging bookmakers to provide players with even more opportunities for betting.

Excellent odds and tempting shares

Odds are used to display the probability of the outcome of events occurring during a Dota 2 match. The odds offered on the most popular Dota2 betting sites are very competitive, which means that gamblers have a chance to make a generous profit. In addition, promotions held by betting operators make it even more attractive for gamblers to join the ranks of Dota 2 fans.

Profitable and fun

The greatest pleasure is to follow the performances of your favorite player or Dota 2 team and enjoy the atmosphere of adventure that the game creates. Betting on this type of eSports will give you the opportunity to penetrate even deeper into everything you appreciate in Dota 2. In addition, you will get a chance to earn a lot of profit on the game you like the most.

More and more matches are held every year

With the growing popularity of the game, more and more matches are held every season. Along with such famous and famous competitions as The International and Dota 2 Major Championships, which attract millions of spectators, there are newer competitions that attract the attention of fans and Dota 2 betting sites. For example, the Asia New Star Cup and Dota 2 Championships League are small tournaments with less impressive prize pools, but already covered by many sites.

Bonuses for betting on Dota 2

The best Dota2 betting sites allow their bettors to take advantage of many bonuses. From the very beginning, when you just open an account on the site, you will receive your first promotion in the form of a welcome bonus. After that, be sure that you will still have many opportunities to receive incentives such as free bets, deposit match bonuses, cashback or refunds in case of loss. Let's check out some of these possibilities.

Read more about bonuses for betting in Dota 2 here.

Free bets

Most bonuses involve receiving free funds from the bookmaker. In the case of free bets, you do not have to spend your own money on wagering. Use the opportunity to place a certain number of bets for free. Remember that the money you will win from bets is real, and you can use it to place new bets or withdraw from your account.

Deposit match

Another type of bonus that can often be found on Dota 2 betting sites is a bonus for a deposit match. To receive such a share, you need to deposit some amount to your bookmaker account. The amount of the bonus will depend on the amount you paid. You can get a 100% or even 200% matching deposit bonus.

Refund of lost bets

Unfortunately, eSports gambling is not always associated with triumph and victory. Sometimes you lose, and this is an inevitable part of the game. However, to mitigate this unpleasant experience, the best Dota 2 betting sites often provide betting bonuses. It works as insurance when in case of loss you get part of the funds back to your account.

Betting on Dota 2 compared to other eSports games

If you compare Dota 2 with other video games, you will find that gambling in this eSports game has its own peculiarities related to the peculiarities of its gameplay, rules, tournaments held throughout the year, and other factors. Let's see what other eSports disciplines can offer players in terms of betting.

LoL betting

LoL is another representative of the MOBA genre. Therefore, it has a certain resemblance to Dota 2. For example, both games have basic structures that each of the competing teams must protect. As with Dota 2, you can bet on the card or the winners of the tournament, or on who will shed blood first, etc. But you won't be able to meet bets like the one who will be the first to eliminate Roshan, because this bet applies to a particular game. Read more about how to bet on League of Legends.

Betting on CS:GO

Compared to Dota 2, CS:GO is an FPS game where two teams compete for who will remain the last. Simple and clear rules, improved graphics and fast gameplay attract gamblers from all over the world. Given the popularity of the game, bookmakers offer many types of bets, such as a cash line, single bet, handicap, various totals, etc. You can learn more about CS:GO betting here.

Betting on Overwatch

Overwatch is another famous representative of the FPS genre. Compared to the above-mentioned eSports games, she is still a beginner, and even fewer types of bets have been developed for this video game. The most common are bets on the winner of the tournament, totals and killings of the player against the player. Click on the link to read more information about everything related to the Overwatch betting process.

Final words

Dota 2 is a truly well-known eSports discipline with extensive betting opportunities. The growing number of competitions that are held every season, game mechanics and many developed types of bets attract a huge number of new players and gamblers. With the best Dota 2 betting sites listed above, you can easily get used to the betting procedure. Choose a bookmaker and have fantastic fun betting on Dota 2.


Which Dota 2 betting sites are the best?

The best Dota 2 betting sites are licensed platforms that offer great bonuses, many types of bets and favorable odds. You will find such sites in our article.

What to pay attention to on Dota2 betting sites?

On Dota 2 betting sites, you should pay attention to bonuses and promotions, quality customer support and a wide range of bet types.

How to bet on Dota 2?

To bet on Dota 2, choose one of the sites offered in our article, create an account, make a deposit, find the tournaments you like, and bet on Dota 2 matches.