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What is 1xBet?

For us, who live in the 21st century, the variety of online bookmakers is already impressive. Nowadays, there are many options, and so it is possible to say that 1xBet is the right place. 1xBet.in is owned by Exinvest Ltd., based in Cyprus. Of Russian origin, founded in 2007, a new generation of bookmakers. He managed to gain an advantage in the sector in a few years.

1xBet has hundreds of physical betting stores spread throughout Eastern Europe. In India it is a great choice online and it is up to you to choose it, so our analysis of the welcome offer...

Is it worth betting on 1xBet.in?

As a customer, you can use many services. 1xBet has developed a mobile version of the site accessible to all devices. It is possible to perform the main betting functions on Android, iOS and Windows Phone platforms, for example. Also, there is the possibility of downloading the native, official mobile application.

The 1xBet App makes it easy to place bets anywhere, pre-game and live, simple and multiple, system and with handicap, all kinds of existing bets... in addition to making payments using your mobile device and having quick access to your betting history.

The 1xBet India Sports Betting Bonus

The generous 1xBet Welcome Bonus for new customers in India is one of the best. A 100% promotion of your first deposit from a minimum of INR 4 (or equivalent in other currencies), up to a maximum of INR 500! Do you want to know how to receive it?

  1. Open an account at ⇒ 1xBet India
  2. To receive the bonus, all your registration data must be filled in and the one phone number needs to be activated by 1xBet.
  3. After registration and activation of the phone number, before making the first deposit request the bonus. It can be in the "My Account" section, under "Account Settings" (by checking the "Participate in bonus promotions" box, or directly in "Deposit".
  4. Make your first qualifying deposit without exceeding the amount of INR 500 (or equivalent in another currency).
  5. You will automatically receive 100% in bonus.

To redeem the 1xBet Sports bonus and potential winnings with your bets placed with bonus funds, keep in mind the wagering requirements. What are the main bonus betting requirements?

Terms & Conditions: bonus betting requirements

It is a one-time Welcome Bonus: one account per customer, family member, home address, by computer and mobile devices, email and IP address and data associated with the holder, whether bank account, credit card and payment systems.

  • Available bonus for single and/or multiple bets, pre-game or live, with minimum odds of 2.0 (other types of bets are not valid).
  • The requirement to convert winnings into real money is to place bets for the total amount of the bonus, 9 times (9x rollover).
  • From the moment of your registration, you have 30 days to request the promotion and complete the bonus requirements.

This 1xBet.in welcome sports betting promotion cannot be used with other offers. And know that when you request a withdrawal before meeting the requirements, the bonus and the amount in winnings will be eliminated. In addition, it will not be possible to make a withdrawal if at least one bet has not been completed.

Sports to bet with the 1xBet India Bonus

In terms of the amount of sports, 1xBet.in's sports betting is impressive. You can find dozens of different sports categories and thousands of sporting events. Some of the least popular sports included in the 1xBet betting sportsbook are: Keirin bike racing, Bandy, Biathlon, Bowling, Floorball and Muay Thai and the list continues.

Obviously there is no shortage of favorite sports in India, be it a huge variety of football and horse racing... 1xBet.in offers, for more demanding players, alternative markets and exotic bets that you will not find on other sites ?

Interesting promotions from 1xBet.in

If we talk about promotions, well, 1xBet is the paradise of promotions... but first, remember: all the information available here, is changed periodically by 1xBet.in, being the responsibility of each user to consult the ongoing promotions:


Promotion based on receiving a bonus (with a maximum limit) for the simple pre-game bet or live qualifying bet. Always applicable on the first lost bet you place from the start promotion.


Place a qualifying bet and receive a percentage refund if it is a lost bet.


Make a qualifying betting sequence and receive special prizes.


If you make a deposit up to a maximum established on a specific day of the week, you can receive a 100% bonus!


If you participate in the Lucky Bonus, on another day of the following week you can double the deposit, always up to a maximum amount.


Increase 10% of winnings with your winning multiple qualifying bets.


In addition to hiring the "Stake Insurance" service, they also receive "Want Betting Bonus", earning "Free Betting Promotional Codes", "Fantasy Football Tournament Award", "Powder Bonus with High Odds" and much more... I already forgot to name the "Wheel Builder" function: create own and personalized bets.

The 1xBet App and the possibility of placing mobile bets

If you are a sports lover, 1xBet.in is one of the best online betting sites. And if you already know the platform, you can download and install the native 1xBet mobile application, available for Android and iOS, as well as a Windows version for computers.

The mobile version of 1xBet.in has a perfect navigation interface to place fast bets and also to make payment transactions. However, placing mobile bets offers the flexibility to use 1xBet services anywhere. Whether on the train, in the stadium watching a local football game, even at the bar or at work, all you need to do is download the official version of 1xBet on the website.

How to deposit money at 1xBet

Uff, the deposit options at 1xBet are many, due to the number of countries where it operates its activities legally. Currently, all Indian users can choose from a selection of all the classic different payment options. Register at 1xBet.in: then log in. Enter your profile and choose the deposit method, fill in the form fields and the desired amount, at least €1 (or equivalent in other currencies), and that's it.

In addition to common options such as Visa, Matercard and Maestro credit/debit cards, many options for electronic wallets, prepaid cards and Bank Transfer. In addition to all this, 1xBet accepts payment with cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Ethereum, Digibyte, ZCash, Tron and many others). But it is not possible to place bets on cryptocurrencies, only deposits, and the amount will be converted into real currencies.

Tips and advice to win with 1xBet

First of all, it is necessary to know why we love sports. Yes, it's simple, you need to know if it's for pleasure and fun or annoyance! All beginners in sports betting cannot hurry to start betting. Read the tips and advice carefully I'm going to give...

Set goals

It is not very difficult to win some sports bets, but it is necessary to have a useful knowledge about one or several sports: patience and time. There is a big difference between making predictions and winning bets often. This last subject is difficult.

Only a small percentage of bets is profitable in the long term.

The reality is that it is more likely to lose money, so pay attention and recognize how to take advantage of 1xBet.in in favor. What is truly important is to understand that you are more likely to lose than to win as a beginner.

To make mistakes is human

Do not start in the world of gambling by relying on the absolute belief of your sporting knowledge. That's a mistake! Even if a lot of knowledge is not enough, it is necessary to practice a lot to succeed. However, don't think you're going to win from the moment of the first winning bet.

Write down everything, place training bets, take your 'statics' copies', practice your prediction ability and get to know all kinds of bets and the advantages of each of them.


Making sports bets on 1xBet.in Sports is very simple, but that doesn't mean starting without understanding the basics of the issue. Visualize your best position to take advantage of the experience of your sports knowledge. The basics are to start on the right track.

Planned budget

Regardless of how much money you have and immediate goals, simply set a budget. Remember that losing money is the most likely result in the beginning. Therefore, decide how much money you are prepared to risk and ensure you can lose.

You can set a general budget divided into several smaller budgets: annual, monthly, weekly and daily. Plan your budget and record everything, all your activity on 1xBet.in! Check gains and losses and your budget will define if the goal is well determined.

Mind control

Spending a lot on betting can bring a lot of problems. I imagine you don't have an infinite amount of money, so managing your finances depends exclusively on you. Real life continues and should always be your priority to play with available funds. The consequences of betting with the necessary money for other more essential things is not having control of yourself.

This is easily avoided by complying with a strict budget. It is very likely a pleasant and fun experience when you do not feel the need to worry about winning or losing. Draw the betting plan you will make at 1xBet.in, with a set of rules in relation to your budget.

Bets, how much and how many?

We recommend imagining, from the planning of a budget, for example, betting around 1 or 2% on each daily bet of the weekly budget. Definitely no more than 25% weekly of the monthly budget. Have you understood? The point is not to blow up the budget. Imagine making about 3 bets a day, or about 10 a week...

Long-term benefits

The use of a betting plan on 1xBet.in will bring long-term benefits: from less probability of losses, to higher probability of profits. Whenever you make rational betting decisions, you are more likely to discover the benefits in greater detail. An efficient planned budget is an efficient betting activity.

Be selective

Sports betting has a huge amount of options. Nowadays, we can bet online on almost any sport, game and event, league or competition. In addition to a wide variety of different types of bets, choosing depends on the opportunity: it is important to be selective.

Placing bets can be harmful when betting a lot of money without measuring risks. Sensible selections and consistent predictions, so it is much better to focus on finding good opportunities. Practicing well-thought-out bets on 1xBet.in will take you down the path of the best results.


We recommend thinking carefully and choosing very carefully which sports to bet on, which leagues, competitions, markets... it can be only in a single sport, but a wide panorama is also a good idea. Focus on the sports you like the most, that you know more and know their current affairs. Avoid betting on sports that you don't like or understand. Of course, right? Chess is not the same as tennis...

It is advisable to consider each week's games and events, choose the best opportunities and focus completely on the best forecasts. Future betting decisions depend on your analysis of the best results. The statistical principle is similar to the decision of how many and which bets to place in a single game or sporting event.

Odds: quotas, quotes or odds

Whatever name you prefer to say, the term is the in-game value used in relation to the possibilities of greed in (sporting) bets. The concept is: value that measures the relationship between the probability of a prognosis or selection of a bet and the final result.

When the probability of a result happening is higher, the odds are lower, so the site 1xBet.in is chosen, for the offer of better odds...


Get ready, calm down, read, think, imagine, dream, do math, wait, and always, but always, keep records of your bets! Many beginners in sports betting don't bother to write everything down. For this reason, I don't want you to fail, except with the 1xBet India Bonus.

Without any registration you lose track of seriousness, and without controlling a budget, you will never understand how to improve when you lose. All this is vital when the long-term goal is to make profits.

If you have already started to understand and already know how to record the information of each bet, open an account at 1xBet.in and start the adventure!


Summary to summarize:

Does 1xBet India offer additional bonuses to the Sports welcome bonus?

Yes, a generous welcome bonus to 1xBet Casino online. And to learn more offers,

Can the 1xBet.in India Bonus be used in the entire sports offer?

Yes, in all sports always and when they are qualifying bets.

Do you have a promotional code for the 1xBet India Sports Betting Bonus?

Not at this time. Simply opening an account by logging into 1xBet.in here, you can request the welcome bonus.

What is the amount you recommend to make the first deposit?

The reality is that we recommend the maximum amount, but it all depends on your budget.

Are all deposit methods valid to receive the sports betting bonus from 1xBet.in?

It is not possible to take advantage of the promotion by depositing in cryptocurrencies.

Can I open more than one account on 1xBet.in?

No: it is only one account per person, family member, devices and all information associated with the user.

Is it cool to bet on 1xBet.in in India?

Completely cool. 1xBet has an international license to operate in accordance with Indian law.

How do I contact 1xBet.in India for any need?

It can be through a Live Chat, with a form available on the website, by email or by phone.